Monty Don and Carol Klein

I’m looking forward to the return of Gardener’s World in March, especially with Monty Don back in the driving seat and presenting from his own garden.  Some people complain that he is too much of a veg man, but if you’ve read anything he has written you’d know that this isn’t the case.

I’ve also been enjoying Carol Klein’s Life in a Cottage Garden on the BBC; her enthusiasm is infectious and her knowledge, especially of propagation, is boundless. When it’s not yet possible to get into the garden and do much beyong clearing, pruning and sowing the odd seeds, it is enchanting to watch the progress of the seasons through Carol’s garden and revel in it along with her.

I’ve picked up plenty of tips from the programme and have succumbed so far as to buy the accompanying book, a wonderful read and similar to Monty’s Ivington Diaries (an equally enjoyable and thought provoking read).

I hope the BBC realise and value the gem that they have in Carol Klein and give her the scope and freedom to express herself and share her knowledge in future programmes.


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  1. Hi

    You’re so right regarding Monty and Carol. I have so missed Gardener’s World – have I really uttered those words?!? I gave up when Toby and Alys started talking about ‘What’s hot, what’s not.’ I slumped in the settee with my head in my hands, groaning.

    Yeah, I hope that the BBC realise what an asset they have in Carol. I also hope that the recent blatant sexism/ageism on their part, doubly ensures that they engage her properly.

    Rant over. Sorry. Just started blogging, like you. Weird isn’t it? Tapping away and sending off drivel (me not you!) into the ‘sphere and being met by ……. silence.

    Keep with it.


    • Hi there David, thanks for dropping by. I can certainly empathise with the head in hands feeling of the Toby era. There’s no doubting he and Alys knew there stuff but the presentation was all wrong and I never felt engaged in the way that I do with Monty and Carol. And you’re totally right about the ageism/sexism issue; it would appear that the Beeb are applying double standards by having older female presenters on some shows but not others.

      I enjoyed your “drivel” so keep it up; what is a blog for if not, in part, sharing your opinions!?!? And I think it has a certain cathartic quality too.



  2. my allotment in northwood kirkby roughwood drive has two plots one veg and the other is a cottage garden. I have modeld it on montys book the complete gardener. I like to think i am doing what he says in the book. But now he is back on gardenersworld i can even make it alot better. I whuld love monty to see it. I have had a photo of the pond in the gardenersworld magazine last year i love the allotment.
    I am there five days a week . Home the weekends so good gardening nice to see you back in the garden good luke and carnt waight to see gardenersworld thanks joey


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