Autumn sown Sweet Peas; and Hellebores in the garden

Things are starting to happen in the garden; more on that at the weekend, but here’s a taster with this lovely Hellebore just about to come into flower:

There are also plenty of Sweet Peas coming on that were sown in late autumn last year. These should make strong plants but in order to try and extend the growing season I sowed some more Sweet Peas last week. The result of all this should hopefully be the soaring stems that you see below:

My wife cutting the Sweet Peas that we grow at the end of the veg beds.


My wife is picking the Sweet Peas. She is a florist and cut flower grower. Have a look at her work at

4 responses to this post.

  1. I’m planting sweet peas tomorrow….that’s how rock n roll I am. Love the site. Jolly good show. 🙂


    • Hi and thanks for taking a look at my blog; glad you like what you see. There’s nothing wrong with time spent sowing, it’s a very satisfying task. Who needs rock n roll?!?!?!


  2. Posted by joseph on March 21, 2011 at 21:50

    can i sow sweet peas now and also french radish???


  3. Hi Joseph, you can still sow now (I’m assuming you’re in the UK?), either directly outside or in pots or root trainers. Root trainers are great as they allow the seedlings to develop very long roots before planting them out. If you don’t have any root trainers then a home made alterantive that I use is to pack toilet rolls into a seed tray and fill them with seed compost then sow the seed.

    Ideally you want to sow Sweet Peas either in the Autumn or in Jan/Feb but if you get them sown now they should be fine.

    Radishes are fast growers and you can pretty much sow them from early spring right through to the autumn straight into the ground. They may get nibbled be be on the look out for slugs and other pests. Check out this link for helpful radish growing advice.



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