Crocuses in St. James’s Square, London

Crocuses in St. James's Square, London

Most mornings I cut through St. James’s Square on my way to work at the London Library.  This morning, a particularly dreary one, I was delighted to see that the crocuses were coming up in a great mass, not quite yet open but not far off. 

The square strikes me as somewhere tranquil in the heart of London; it can get quite busy on a warm summer afternoon, but in the morning it is generally quiet and calm.

St. James's Square, London

There’ll be no gardening for me this weekend as my wife and I are off to Cambride and Ely (in the rain it would seem); I’m already getting withdrawal symptoms!!


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  1. Dear Jason, We are indeed fortunate in London to have such wonderful public parks. In the midst of such pandemonium, they are, as you say, perfect places for quiet reflection ……..and what could be better than a drift of crocuses tolift the spirits on these dreary days?!!

    I am so pleased to have found your weblog on Blotanical and have made it a Favourite in order that I can keep in touch.


    • Dear Edith, thankyou for dropping by and I’m pleased that you enjoyed having a look at my blog. I’ve just been over to yours and was very impressed; the writing is wonderful and I shall enjoy coming by for a regular read.


  2. Posted by patientgardener on February 19, 2011 at 18:57

    I always admire the parks when I visit London and think that I worked there I would find any excuse to visit them.
    The weather here was awful this morning, so much rain. I went down to Cirencester to see some snowdrops with a friend and luckily the rain just stopped but it was so cold and damp I still havent warmed up


    • The weather was pretty grim up in Cambridge also; my wife and I went up for the weekend and were restricted a little by the constant drizzle. We did a spot of antique hunting on Saturday but without success and then today we went snowdrop hunting and found masses at Chippenham Park near Ely. Lovely to see such a great swathe!


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