Snowdrops, Hellebores (I know, done to death but so nice), and other winter sights

Most blogs written by someone with the slightest interest in plants and gardening have probably mentioned Snowdrops and Hellebores over recent weeks so I hope this post doesn’t try your patience too much.  Chippenham Park Gardens in East Cambridgeshire has a wonderful carpet of snowdrops at this time of year, so much better than the odd clump that appears in my own garden.  Despite the dreariness of the day, we were able to enjoy this fascinating and delicate display, discovering in amongst the Snowdrops the odd Iris and Daffodil. 

A wonderful woodland scene


Amazing blue of the Iris reticulata


There was plenty of other interest in this woodland garden including dogwood in vivid red and yellow, witch hazel flowers (looking very much like grated lemon zest), crocuses and, last but not least, a whole array of vividly coloured Hellebores; all-in-all the perfect tonic for a grey day.

I love the subtle colour bleeding from the centre of this Hellebore

Great colour combination

I do hope that the repeat of Hellebores and Snowdrops hasn’t been too tiresome!

16 responses to this post.

  1. Beautiful pictures are never tiresome!


  2. Snowdrops and Hellebores … I never tire of them 🙂


  3. Jason I can never tire of these early spring bloomers especially in a woodland setting where they were meant to be growing in beautiful drifts…anytime I can see them is special especially when I won’t see mine for weeks still…thx


    • The woodland setting definitely adds that something extra to the overall scene. Glad I could provide a few snaps of what you have to come!



  4. Snowdrops are just coming into bloom in my part of the US and hellebores haven’t started yet. I would absolutely never tire of seeing them and am anxiously awaiting the bloom of my extensive collection of both—I specialize in them at my nursery. We don’t have anything like Chippenham Park.


    • Hi Carloyn,

      You’ve still got it all to enjoy then! It must be amazing in your nursery when everything is in flower, a real pick me up after the winter months. Maybe you should make your own Chippenham Park?!?!



  5. I guess I am not the only one not able to get enough of these two treasures. Looking forward to them blooming in my garden,


  6. Hi Jason,
    No pics of flowers or gardens are tired to look at, if you love what you do then its nice to share with everyone. I see your blog is new and looks really nice as well as your wife’s blog. TY. for sharing.
    P.S. How did you get you blog roll to work? I can’t figure it out as I use wordpress as well


    • Hi Tony,

      Thanks for visiting and I’m pleased you enjoyed the blog and my will be happy also. As far as the blogroll goes I added the widget using the Widgets option in the Appearance menu and once that is set up I then go to the Links option and add the link a the name of the blog there. Hope that helps a little!



  7. I love hellebores now but never used to. I thought they looked too funereal. Left all mine behind in the old garden – forgot to dig them up. Oh well, something else to buy.

    (Psst. Where did all these people come from? Have you been on the telly?)


  8. Posted by Lula ( on February 28, 2011 at 18:45

    on the contrary! I think these days I can’t get enough of snowdrops, hellebores and any bulb, check my lastest post: crocus, what else could it be? Very nice images.


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