Serene Mornings

I find that there are different types of morning person: those who stay in bed as long as possible then rise and frantically shower, dress, eat and run, or those who get up earlier than is required so that they can slowly wake, enjoy breakfast and (hopefully) head out to work in a reasonably calm state of mind.  Personally, I fall into the latter, not at all being able to just get up and go. 

One benefit of this is that I have time to check on things.  At this time of year I am taking a peek at the seeds that I’ve sown, counting the days from sowing to germination.  Then, having had a shower and eaten, I return to bed.  Now, dear reader, this is not laziness on my part. Rather I lie and listen to the birdsong.  We have arrived at the time of year when at 6am the birds are starting to sing their hearts out and there is no better way to prepare for the commute than to absorb some of those varied and magical melodies. 

I am no ornithologist and I am not yet able to determine from which bird a song emanates; however, I am determined to learn and hopefully listening and identifying will soon become second nature.


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  1. Depends on the day for me but I think I have fallen more in the latter these days…wish our birds were back but we will be waiting a few more weeks here in the snowy NE


    • I don’t eny you the snow Donna. We had some prior to Christmas and that was quite enough for me. It is lovely when it first settles, but the longer it lasts the more I tire of it and look forward to spring.


  2. Dear Jason, I am with you on getting up earlier than necessary in order to start the day at a leisurely pace. However, going back to bed to listen to the birdsong……..that, I fear would be fatal!


    • It nearly was this morning! But what a lovely morning it is: sunshine, blue sky with a patchwork of cloud, and a gentle breeze carrying a hint of spring.


  3. I am in the latter half as well, I can’t wait to get up in the morning and find out what happened in the garden overnight, I swear that is when they do their most growing.


    • I don’t know; I’ll look at things so often that it doesn’t always seem like anything is happening at all. I think the phrase ‘a watched pot never boils’ is sometimes relevant!


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