The Time Machine: Courtesy of the Rose

Could we think of a blog as a time machine? I am going to argue that it is on this simple basis: it can transport us to the past; propel us to the future; or simply speak to us of the present.  And how is this achieved? The example I am going to use is Roses.

Now I have a soft spot for Roses, a very soft spot, whether they be Floribundas, Hybrid Teas, or English Roses, climbers, ramblers or bush; I have numerous in the garden either planted or in pots.  They occupy a great deal of my time during the growing season (especially the potted ones), feeding, watering, deadheading, pruning and picking off nasty little pests.  But what, I hear you ask, has this to do with the vagaries of time?

I was looking back through photographs I had taken of last year’s Roses and in that single act I was transported; both backwards to what was and forwards to what will by (hopefully, assuming no disease or infestation of bugs).  And so I thought I would share these pictures with you all and, in so  doing, transport you all through time with me.  So there you have it, the blog as time machine! … oh, and here are the pictures:

Teasing Georgia (David Austin)

Tess of the d'Urbervilles (David Austin)

Geoff Hamilton (David Austin)

Winchester Cathedral (I think) (David Austin)

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  1. Geoff hamilton…… now that transports me ‘back in time’!! I used to love watching him on gardeners world all those years ago!! I would have loved to have met him… maybe I will one day in the ‘future’!
    I agree… this blogging thing could be thought of as a time machine!
    Some great looking blooms there Jason!


    • Hi Simon,
      I remember Geoff too from when I used to watch GW with my dad when I was younger. I have a couple of his books and they still get used to this day. He was a great inspiration. He’d definitely be a person I’d invite to tea if I could!


  2. The teasing Georgia is my favorite. When I “grow up” as a gardener I hope to have such beautiful roses too. For now … I’ll admire yours🙂


    • Hi Christine,
      Teasing Georgia is lovely, quite a subtle lemony fragrance, and it puts on vigorous growth every year. Roses were actually one of the first plants I started to grow as a gardener (before I just tended to do veg) and they’re surprisingly easy to look after provided you can spare the time. So don’t worry about ‘growing up’, get as many as you can and enjoy them!


  3. stunning roses…you have a wonderful collection!


  4. I have always admired David Austin roses, and now I am seriously considering tracking some down! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!


    • Hi, thanks for popping by. David Austin roses are wonderful; the scent of most is outstanding and certainly all of the ones I have flower continuously through the summer. Have a look in garden centres at the end of the season because I always find some on sale, sometimes as cheap as £5 per plant which is an absolute bargain.


  5. Hi Jason, at this time of year, it’s hard to imagine that rose flowers even exist. (They do don’t they)? And the act of sinking your nose into their soft petals and hoovering up that gorgeous scent? Surely just a dream. But, I’d pass on an actual time machine. As infuriating and crushing as the British weather can be, I wouldn’t miss a single day.

    Er, well perhaps a couple!


    • They do indeed exist Dave, and mine are budding strongly already so I’m getting impatient now for the flowers. I think I’d probably skip a few days too but, like you say, not too many as there is always something to see every day. It would be handy, though, to go back and see things that you missed.


  6. You’re like the Dr but with a trowel – I love it! Lovely pictures – I’m following now I’ve found you and your time machine!


    • The Dr. Who of gardening, I like it!! Glad you enjoyed the random musing and the pics. I’ll be over to have a look at your blog too.


  7. You grow some wonderful roses. Thanks for the pictures, I can’t wait till spring!


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