A Day of Two Halves, Part 2.

Having taken photographs and had a spot of lunch, I drove over to the nursery at Merriments Gardens at Hurst Green, East Sussex. This was my first visit to this particular nursery and I was very impressed. They had a good range of plants, all of which looked healthy and vigorous, which can’t always be said of stock at certain garden centre chains.
I picked up a couple of Lathyrus vernus ‘Alboroseus’ plants (which I hope to propagate from as they are quite difficult to get hold of) and also two different varieties of Nepeta, grandiflora ‘Pool Bank’ and ‘Longipes’, the latter already growing well with plenty of dainty soft, hairy, grey green foliage. The former was just starting to show growth, the small foliage being purple and green. 

New acquisitions for the garden, Nepeta and Lathyrus vernus

 Having returned with my new purchases I was just in time to catch a glorious sunset:

Sun setting through the woods


Fire in the sky


A day that started grey and damp ended in a blaze.


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  1. I have some favourite nurseries where the plants are surely healthy. miss the chance when I come across some plants which are difficult to get hold of. Even with the remaining few that are available, we gardeners can easily make cuttings and propagate more. Good luck with your new seedlings. The sunset is awesome.


    • It’s always good to find a new nursery that you know stocks good plants. Like you say, once you have a plant or two you can then propagate in the future so the investment yields a good return. Glad you liked the sunset, hopefully there’ll be plenty more of those to come this year. Jason


  2. Hi Jason, how funny. I was at Merriments about 10 days ago. I had to give the Priory car a battery charge so took it out for a spin. Ended up buying 2 clematis and some canna and ginger lily bulbs/rhizomes/tubers what have you. I toyed with Sissinghusrt but wasn’t sure whether it was open.


    • Hi Dave, I might bump into you there one day scratching your head!! It’s dangerous popping in to a nursery; I think it’s impossible to come out having not bought anything. I think Sissinghurst opens on March 11th but don’t quote me on that. I actually volunteered there for a couple of months last year in the veg garden while between jobs; I really wanted to be in the garden but they had enough volunteers already. We’ll be off to visit too once they open up, always nice to follow Sissinghurst through the seasons.


  3. Dear Jason, What an interesting day you had at the nursery. It is such a joy to travel somewhere new and to find interesting plants for the garden. Lathyrus Vernus is a particularly pretty plant and I shall wait with interest to see where you place it.


    • The pressure is on now Edith; I’ll have to make sure that I place it well and look after it so that it looks good in the pictures!!


  4. I went over to many nurseries, not necessarily to purchase, but to see range of new stocks. At the end a few ended as favourites and rapport built along the way. Lovely sunset you have there… bangchik


    • Hello, thanks for popping by and commenting. Nurseries are excellent places to see things that you hear about or read about, and they are great places to growing and care advice as the staff tend to be very knowledgeable. Glad you liked the sunset. Jason


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