To blog, or not to blog?

I haven’t blogged for a few days and this has set me to wondering about blogging, specifically when and when not to blog.  Across the course of this weekend I have been upto plenty of things in the garden, but none have really seemed worth blogging about. 

This is, of course, my subjective opinion, but I am not sure that as a reader you really want more pictures of plants just coming into bud or Alliums and Delphiniums slowly growing (perhaps 1 inch bigger than in last weeks picture)? Or of seeds which have germinated; extemely exting to me, but to you?

Sunday was spent taking down a shed where a new garage is to be built.  Again I thought about posting a comment relating to this.  But again, how interesting would a post showing a shed and then a space where a shed once was really be?  There was also a tremendous bonfire to accompany the removal of said shed but I’ve already posted about bonfires.  I am worried about becoming repetitive.

Maybe I just take this blogging too seriously and should contribute more whimsical posts to my blog.  I came to this realisation having taken a look at Dave’s latest post on the respective merits or the garden bird as a tasty bite to eat.

I’ll try whimsy another day, however, as at this moment I have a great need to vent some frustration, bordering on anger: a work colleague was eating a scant selection of fruit packed in a plastic tub and sealed with a celophane lid; perhaps two slithers of apple, a couple of orange segments, three grapes and a slice or two of kiwi. WHY?

Not only do these little packs cost a fortune but their very existence defies reason.  Like so many things in modern society these little packs are a sign of the obsession with choice, ultimately driven by consumption.  Why not just buy one apple, or one orange and enjoy it.  At worst you’ll have a core or some peel to dispose of rather than yet more plastic (has anyone seen the film Wall-E? I think that amount of rubbish will build up one day).  Convenience food at this level is a nonsense and I really can’t abide it. 

So, next time, light and whimsical!


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  1. Posted by The Garden Smallholder on March 7, 2011 at 20:51

    I totally agree regarding the pre-packed sliced fruit – totally unnecessary and lazy.


  2. Hi there, thanks for visiting. I’m pleased that someone else agrees as I do sometimes think I’m turning into a grumpy old man well before my time. And yes, it is lazy, I forgot to mention that.



  3. Jason, I agree it is hard some days to think about what next to blog about…am I becoming repetitive??…which you are not….and yes that tub of fruit should be outlawed…it is becoming ridiculous with those paper towels in the dispenser for the bathroom…I could rant on and on….


    • Hi Donna, don’t start me on paper towels!!! I’d have to change the name of the blog to ‘This is why I’m Grumpy’!!


  4. Hi Jason – I totally agree about the pre-packaged fruit but I don’t agree about your posts being repetitive … As I always say to my “Blogging partner”, just write if and when you feel like it. It is after all just supposed to be fun – if you’re having fun wrtiting it and showing it, who cares what others want to read? And I promise – I enjoy your posts and I AM interested in how many millimetres your Alliums & Delphiniums grew last week! So when you feel like sharing … I’m listening 🙂


    • You’re quite right Christine, blogging should be a fun activity. Glad that you enjoy the progress reports on how things are growing. There’s actually quite a lot of growth going on at the moment so hopefully I can get out into the garden with the camera at the weekend and take some snaps. I also saw my first Bumblebee in the garden yesterday which was VERY exciting. I love Bumblebess (and Butterflies, and Dragonflies, most little garden critters really).


  5. You are absolutely right, the “plastic tub containing meagre portions of pre prepared fruit” phenomena is an abomination. The only excuse for it that I can see is you get to have a little bit of several things. But really, is it so hard to buy an orange, a kiwi, an apple and a banana and then chop them up and cover in a little orange juice? 10 minutes effort and you have a healthy snack for each day of the week. Sorry, you got me going.

    For the record, I rather love reading about how people’s seedlings are doing or how they demolished a shed, the former because it helps me work out how well mine are doing and learn new tips about what to grow them in etc (and probably because I am a tad sad and obsessive). The latter because I just like that sort of thing. I don’t think it matters, just blog about whatever you want, some people will enjoy it, others will be bored and won’t come back. Such is blogging.


    • Hi Janet. I guess that variety is one reason why people do buy these packs but I don’t think it’s reason enough to be honest. Variety is a very modern idea (I don’t remember my grandparents grumbling about just having a whole apple or a pear) and perhaps with the state of the global economy, increasing fuel prices, etc., we might have to think more carefully about the food we buy and be a little more restrained in our choices. Perhaps we are looking at a return to eating more seasonal produce, not as a lifestyle choice but due to nnecessity.


  6. Hi Jason

    I think that you should just write. People like your blog. They read it don’t they? And leave comments. When you post and all you get is the wind whistling through the chimney pots and the snoring of the dog/cat/wife then you can worry. If your seedlings are exciting to you then write about them. If readers can’t sense your excitement and love for what you do then why should they be excited by or love what they read? Of course the blogosphere is full of photos of daffs and crocuses and germinating seeds but I for one only follow a very small number of blogs. I haven’t the time to do otherwise. So – I am interested in your delphiniums and seedlings and alliums. I’m interested in your garden. Why else would I follow your blog? (‘Sides I want to see how your alliums are doing v mine)!!!

    As for things worth blogging about – well, there’s the nub. Who’s the expert? You write something, whatever, whether it be humorous, serious, thoughtful, provocative, angry and you wait to see if someone, anyone appreciates it. Hopefully someone will. I’m terribly new to this game (like you) and I don’t really know what I’m doing (and perhaps more importantly why I’m doing it). I can only gauge what to write by what I know and what I love. And of course by my readers’ reaction. Hopefully sometimes I get it right. That’s all I can hope. And you too, I imagine.



    • Ahhh, gardener and wise man I see! What you say is all very true and well put. I suspect that, as you say, those who do read this blog do so precisely because it is related to gardening and that a few more pictures of seedlings and plants are hardly likley to put them off.

      My Alliums are growing nicely so I’ll be getting some pictures at the weekend and then you can measure them up against your own.


  7. Hi, I only just found your blog, and I like your style. I agree with the others do it when you want to share something, we all like sharing in others joys, well I do anyway. Christina


    • Hi Christina, thanks for popping by and for your comments; glad you like the blog. I’ll get myself over to your blog asap and have a good nosey!! Jason.


  8. I find it very sad that no one really cares about your deceased garden shed. RIP. May new sheds grow up to have as good a life as you had!


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