Gardeners’ World, Monty Don and Carol Klein: a Welcome Return

Monty was at the top of a ladder, pruning saw in one had and a wrinkled apple in the other.  He was gazing at the apple with an excitement and pleasure that was palpable, one of those moments when television reaches out beyond the limits of its medium.  The apple (Jupiter variety) was taken last year from the very tree he was pruning; in his hand he held not simply an apple but something symbolic, a measure of the enjoyment of growing and relishing one’s own fruit.

It is this sense of gentle and embracing wonder, pleasure and enthusiasm that Monty is able to bring to the screen (Carol Klein does exactly the same thing and couldn’t seem to keep still for being so enraptured by the garden at Angelsey Abbey)  that make his return to Gardeners’ World so welcome.

There is something very soothing about Monty Don and as he walked us around his garden, and explained the various parts, I felt an immense sense of satisfaction.  My only criticism: the length of the first episode.  Surely the BBC could have made this a one hour introduction so that we were able to see a little more of Long Meadow, to listen to Monty’s warming tone, and to hear of his plans for the garden for the coming year? Perhaps squeezing in Rachel de Thame and Joe Swift was over-egging the pudding, and we don’t want to end up with a chunk of GW effectively given over to short editions of Ground Force!

That said, however, I am pleased to say that once again Friday night at 8.30pm is Gardeners’ World time.


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  1. I also enjoy the BBC garden shows but we rarely see them anymore and the American ones are rare as well…


    • I’ve never seen any American gardening shows. I imagine it would be difficult to achieve a programme that covered all the bases given the sheer size of the USA with its varying climate zones. I suppose regional shows would be more successful at catering for local specifics.


  2. Dang. Missed it! I’ll catch up on i-player. More time spent in front of the computer – sigh. Showing my age when I’m so upset about missing a gardening programme on a Friday night.


    • Pants!!!! I missed it aswell! Friends coming round for dinner and distracting me from the TV just won’t do!!! I won’t be inviting anyone round on a friday again in the near future! 🙂
      I-player here i come too!


      • I don’t know chaps, it’s just not good enough. How can you allow your respective social lives to interfere with essential garden related TV? Friday nights will just have to start at 9pm and no earlier!

  3. Posted by patientgardener on March 12, 2011 at 20:26

    I think the fact that it was from the main presenter’s own garden made a huge difference. It just adds something, as it did with Alan T and Geoff H, maybe its because they are more relaxed. Whatever it is it works. I’m not convinced at the de Thame and Swift section I dont think it added anything and I wonder if the idea is to help pick up on problems not in Monty’s garden


    • I guess they also know the temperaments and idosyncracies of their gardens too. And I think we’ll have to wait and see on the RdT and JS combo; the jury is still out on that part of the show.


  4. Posted by Pauline Burton on March 14, 2011 at 16:48

    I, like many others looked forward to a return of Monty Don, especially as it was from his own garden. Always worked well with Alan Titchmarch.
    Ended up disappointed, not enough of Monty Don and could do without Rachel de Thane and Joe Swift’s section. More please of just Monty Don then the viewers will come back.


    • Quite agree with you Pauline. The Monty bits were great, even though short, as was Carol’s section, but Rachel and Joe are really surplus to requirements in a half hour programme.


  5. Posted by Trude Lynch on March 14, 2011 at 17:45

    So pleased with Monty Don coming back. Being Dutch and mostly spending my time in the garden in France, I love to see what he and don’t forget Carol, have to say about my green passion. For me fridaynight is heaven again or if we have to go out it will be recorded to watch at a more convenient time.


    • Hi Trude, glad to hear you’re enjoying GW across the Channel. I imagine you have a lovely garden! Do you have a blog yourself? Jason.


  6. Posted by The Garden Smallholder on March 14, 2011 at 20:15

    I missed it too. Oops!

    I blame Carol Klein. Her book ‘Life in a Cottage Garden’ has me hooked at the moment!


    • Well that it isn’t a bad reason to miss it. I have that book on my own bookshelf but I’m not sure when I’ll get around to reading it as I have just signed up for the RHS Level 2 certificate via a distance learning provider; between that and actual gardening I may not have much free time!


  7. Posted by Ian Henderson on March 14, 2011 at 22:17

    How WONDERFUL to have Monty Don back on TV on the one night of the week when I want to sit down and think about what I might get up to in my garden over the coming weekend.
    And welcome back Monty, hope you enjoy many, many years of excellent health! Thank you BBC for creating the BEST gardening programme once again.


  8. Posted by mary ken drick on March 15, 2011 at 10:05

    Hooray! Monty’s back, I gave up on the last series but now I wil be glued to the programme on Fridays. At lastg some sensible advice for the aqverage gardener. Welcome back!


    • Sensible, insightful, sometimes profound. Read his Ivington Diaries if you want more of that between programmes (a great deal more of the profound can be found amongst the pages).


  9. Posted by Christine Winhall on March 15, 2011 at 15:28

    It’s a lovely day here in Somerset. Can’t wait to get out in the garden next weeken. Will be watching on Friday at 8.30


    • Somerset is a lovely part of the world, I’ve enjoyed the odd visit to the county. I hope you enjoy your weekend of gardening – fingers crossed for good weather! Jason.


  10. Posted by Mary Macpherson on March 15, 2011 at 15:59

    How wonderful it was to see Monty back on Gardener’s World. I agree with other posts that there was not enough of him and Joe and Rachael were surplus to requirements. I think it should be an hour long show like it used to be with just Monty and Carol Klein on – heaven.


    • Hello Mary, I’m sure that the show will be tweaked as the season progresses. Personally I’d like to see a longer show that could happily accommodate all of the aspects that were present in the first episode.


  11. Dear GW
    Please tell Toby and Alice how much we loved them. We will miss them dreadfully.
    It was a joy to see all the GW team getting on so well under Toby’s leadership and for no one to take themselves, or compost, too seriously.


    • Hi Julia, I’m not sure if you’re addressing myself or the BBC but I’m sure if someone from the Beeb happens to come across this post then they’ll welcome your kind comments. There is no questioning the knowledge and ability of Toby and Alys (I was actually surprised that she didn’t remain as part of the new show) but for me the format used for delivering the gardening content became too simplistic. This raises the question of whether the BBC should infact have multiple gardening programmes aimed at gardeners of differing levels of experience. Toby still writes in various horticultural publications and I enjoy reading his articles and no doubt Alys will be back on our screens before too long. Jason.


      • I must be missing something; if Toby and Alys were too simplistic, what on earth are you getting from the new series? It is about the level of Primary School gardening – play back what you have learnt from the new series – perhaps you may then change your mind.


      • Yes Roy, you are missing the point. The simplicity was in the format; sometimes it felt like watching a CBBC programme. Personally, I feel that the new format is much more adult and that Monty Don’s style of presentation is much more mature.
        Content, which I think is what you’re probably on about, is another matter. As I have mentioned elsewhere I feel that time restrictions limit what can be done in terms of practical gardening, as does breaking the half hour into 3 segments. Yes, Monty is sometimes wistful rather than practical, but gardening is not just about one job after another, it is also about enjoyment and sharing that enjoyment with others.
        I believe the programme is aimed at the enthusiastic amateur and I have learnt things from the episodes so far. Clearly you are a far more experienced and gifted gardener than I for whom GW does not suffice, in which case join the call for a wider range of gardening programmes on TV aimed at garderens of different levels of experience.

      • Posted by Agnes on July 9, 2011 at 07:52

        Re Toby spot on. No doubt he has his fans, but I stopped watching after a few episodes of the revised format of GW; as you say simplistic and far too styled for my tatste. It became a lifestyle programme, not a programme for people passionate about plants and gardens. But told myself maybe I was just being a grimpy old woman! Perhaps the format suited a new generation of gardeners, that perhaps the BBC was trying to reach a wider audience. However, I also thought it was too broad. Its the old story about pleasing some of the people some of the time…..but not all of the people all of the time.There was definitely something lacking and the current GW is working for me again. Bliss. Different strokes for different folks; but the change must have been down to viewing figures.

        I glaze over when Monty goes on a bit long about compost, or starts digging potatoes for too long in real time. But watched the show last night and breathed a sigh of passion sated relief. I absolutely love Carole Klein;she is a National Treasure. We are moving to a hillside propeerty near Battle next week, so I am taking inspiration from her approach at Glebe Cottage (high on my list of places to visit).

        I also enjoy Rachel’s passion for roses amongst other things. And Joe is a nice contrast. Alys commentary from Hampton court was very enjoyable, I liked her manner on these spots. Hope the politics of it all wans’t too acrimonious.

        Looking forward to the next programme; firmly back on my viewing list. And they definitely need an hour.


    • Posted by nicky dean on March 21, 2011 at 13:58

      We tto enjoyed Toby and found the programme very good – but are disappointed with the new Gardeners World. Monty’s garden is lovely, but not to everyone’s taste and the programme seems to lack the ‘hands on’ that Toby was so good at. Hopefully the series will improve.


      • Posted by Sara Brunton on March 27, 2011 at 17:03

        I can only agree! It took me a while to get used to Toby, and I never did really get used to Alys, but oh how I miss them now we’ve got Monty! Thank heavens we still have Carol – her segment is the only bit I watch now; I fast forward through the rest, it’s too dull for words. Joe’s talents are being wasted, as are Rachel’s.

        I know there was a lot of hoo-ha over the ‘dumbing down’ of the programme in the recent past, and perhaps rightly so, but at least it was interesting.

  12. Posted by jim on March 15, 2011 at 17:45

    what a load of rubbish monty is a very good presenter but his garden so boring!!!
    the only good things about the programme were carol klein and the lovely rachel


    • Hi Jim, thanks for the alternative view point. It’s a shame you don’t say what you didn’t like about the garden. I imagine Monty’s garden is much like my own and many others at this time of year with plenty of plants just beginning to rouse from their winter rest. I don’t know if you’ve read any of his books, but from what I’ve seen of those the garden is beautiful with plenty of colour and diversity. Perhaps you object to the formality? Even so, rubbish is a bit harsh and Rachel may indeed be ‘lovely’ but that isn’t really point of the programme. Jason.


      • Someone seems to have missed the point; Toby and Alys did not Produce the programme – that person should have been fired! The level of their knowledge was far higher than was shown; boy is it now going to be boring, it depends how simple you want your gardening to be but the programme is called “Gardeners” World, presumably we all know those trees were far over due to be pruned!! Get Toby back with Alys and a new Producer.

  13. Aren’t we funny with our different likes and dislikes?

    I for one won’t miss Toby one iota, nor indeed Alys. (Indeed I’m a little grumpy that the latter now has a regular colmun in my Saturday Guardian Magazine). For me the return of Monty and Carol is like the return of spring flowers after a long and threadbare winter.

    Cracking post, Jason. Like watching someone light the blue touchpaper!


    • Well I certainly didn’t expect such a response but it is interesting to read peoples’ views, some of which are quite strongly held. Have you managed to iplayer it yet?


      • No, not yet Jason. Too busy watching this post!

        “Simple” gardener, Dave

      • Blimey, not you too! I think I need to edit that bit as the post is about the delivery of the content being too simplistic, NOT gardeners being simple. If it were then I’d certianly be plumped in that category. Language and thought are mine fields!

  14. Posted by Mike on March 15, 2011 at 20:58

    Afraid that without Toby and Alys, and the team ethic that was obvious with Joe included, that GW on tv is no longer for me, or other “simple” gardeners as well. Bye!!!


    • This debate is not something that should be taken personally: it is not about “simple” gardeners but about presenting gardening in an overly simplistic format.

      I’m not sure about this idea of a team ethic; I don’t recall the lack of a team or a team ethic being a problem when the programme was presented by Alan Titchmarsh, Geoff Hamilton or, going further back, Percy Thrower.

      Perhaps it is worth giving the new format another try? I may not have been a great fan of Toby et al., but I still tuned in because they were horticultural professionals from whom I could always learn.


      • You’re quite right Jason. I regretted my use of the word as soon as I hit the ‘Post coment’ button.


      • No worries Dave. My fault really for not expressing myself properly and writing in a such a way as to leave the meaning ambiguous. Hopefully it’s clearer now, otherwise I might just remove the whole lot!!!

    • Posted by Dorothy on March 17, 2011 at 21:08

      I could not agree more, Mike. Toby and Alys were always so, so inspiring, particularly Toby. I cannot begin to say how disappointed I was that they were not returning to GW. I was a complete non-gardener who came to look forward to Friday evenings. At this moment I do not feel like watching this programme any more.


      • Posted by Phil Gatley on March 18, 2011 at 20:11

        Such a shame to see Toby, Alys and co. didnt get a longer run, though of course they only started due to Monty’s illness. Monty is brilliant but cant help feeling Toby’s been treated a bit shabbily. Alys’ own series were fantastic and I hope she gets to make many more

  15. Posted by Birdie on March 15, 2011 at 21:10

    I gave a sigh of relief and cancelled all other Friday night engagements for the forseeable future. It was a very good start to the new series and promises much. Joe and Rachel’s section was a little superficial and probably needs to go a bit deeper so that the viewer can understand more about the remedial work and the achievement. Please can we have some occasional hour long programmes, especially as the season gets going and there is so much to do in the garden?


  16. Posted by David on March 16, 2011 at 08:09

    Great. This is just what I want from a gardening programme. A feeling from the presenters that they are talking and sharing from their deep participation in gardening, combined with great knowledge. What I do not want is being airily “presented” to by presenters. This was gardening for gardeners by gardeners, who happen to be good at bringing out the feel of their subject and invoking “gardeny” feelings in the viewers. Gorgeous. Well done for responding.


    • Hi David. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head: Monty and Carol do have a wonderful grasp of their subject and do bring out and convey their passion and knowledge very well. Watching them feels like being engaged in a conversation rather than simply watching a programme. Jason.


  17. Posted by Andrew Tindall on March 18, 2011 at 17:00

    Monty was missed when he had to leave and is a welcome return. However, what did Toby do wrong? The powers that be wanted a return to ‘grown up gardening’ and less of the dumbing down and in part I get what they were on about BUT there was nothing new in this season’s first episode. I learnt nothing that Gardeners’ World programme or magazine hasn’t covered in the last 3 years. Carol’s visit to a garden was shorter and simpler than anything she has done in Toby’s time and Rachel and Joe didn’t really do much in their slot. There was a far more detailed ‘how-to’ on apple tree pruning when Monty was last on. I did like seeing Monty’s garden – depite most of it being straight lines and hedging. I would like to see more of his shed/greenhouse/compost area (that just interests me for some reason!) and I hope that over the year we’ll see more of his veg patch and flowering area. Yes, it is good to see him back, but on the evidence of this programme I would be willing to stand as witness if Toby wanted to claim for losing his job as I don’t think the new style programme has done anything better as yet. I don’t think the BBC should treat people like that.


    • Posted by Rob on March 19, 2011 at 06:24

      Yes, Rachel’s bit was superficial and the parts where she assisted felt horribly pre-planned and staged. Previous posters are right that the new-look version doesn’t so much look new as it does look staid and creaky. It is good to see Monty again but Toby had a real sparkle about him. This partly came out because there was interaction between presenters, making Monty present solo does him and the show no favours.
      The “simple gardener” debate is interesting. My wife and I have watched GW for many many years. We are quite experienced gardeners who grow a lot, especially fruit and veg. We’re now starting to think the previously unthinkable. Time will tell but I’m not optimistic.


  18. Posted by montydog on March 18, 2011 at 20:40

    So unbelievably happy to see Monty Don presenting GW. Since we lost Geoff Hamilton the sincerity has been missing – and on that note I hope we NEVER have to put up with Alan Titchmarsh again.


  19. Posted by Irene Dahl on March 19, 2011 at 13:27

    As someone who only bought a house and garden 5 years ago, I really miss Toby and Joe. They taught me so much in a very clear way and I couldn’t wait to practise the new things I was being taught. Monty Don goes around his garden mumbling to himself seemingly unaware of my straining ears and eyes. He does things so fast I cannot follow. I desperately wanted to know how to prune redcurrants but could not understand why he “chopped” where he did. My budget does not stretch to gardening magazines so I depend on TV programmes. I need Toby back.


    • Hi Irene, I think he cut where he did in order to open up the centre of the bush and allow in light and air in order to prevent disease etc., attacking the plant. He also mentioned that the bushes he was pruning were older and had become a bit wayward so he was cutting them back fairly hard in order to encourage new strong growth. Jason.


  20. Posted by Angela Skrimshire on March 19, 2011 at 19:11

    THANK YOU for bringing back Monty Don – I stopped watching the programme quite soon after he left, it was tiresome and irrelevant. Monty Don is a true and knowledgeable gardener, as well as a skilful, heart-warming presenter, please hold on to him for all you’re worth!


  21. Posted by Sue on March 19, 2011 at 19:57

    Monty and Carol, it’s really great to have them both back together. I think that they are true gardeners, and I love their knowledge. I was not keen on Toby and Alys, they always seemed to be trying too hard and a bit silly!


    • It’s interesting how different the opinions are on the presentation style of Toby and Co., and on the format of the previous series. Personally I agree with your view but there plenty who have commented in support of Tony which shows that there can never be agreement on these things. We will all agree to disagree in the end.


  22. Posted by aedjp on March 20, 2011 at 09:10

    Talk about “mixed feelings”!!
    It’s great to see Monty presenting again, however we won’t be tuning in regularly any more. We only really got into the show in 2010, and I am bitterly disappointed that we won’t get to see the various sections of Greenacre mature. There was something for almost everyone in the diverse compartments of the studio garden, or in Carol’s home plot – but we have to confess that we wonder how many people really have a garden anything like Monty’s extensive, formal, mature expanse…
    For those of you who do – enjoy! It’s nothing personal, Monty. All the best.


    • I’m not sure if there is all that much difference between presenting from a virgin plot or from an established garden; the established garden requires the same kind of maintenance and attention that a new garden will and established gardens often undergo renewal and redesign. It isn’t likely that Monty will do much to the essential framework of his garden (the hedging and lime walk, for example) but I am sure that over coming weeks there will be plenty going on within that framework that will be informative and educational for those gardening in established or new gardens, for novices or experienced gardens.


  23. Posted by Paul on March 21, 2011 at 09:47

    really agreed with your opening comments about Monty, he does exude a love of what he does and really conveys this to the viewer (IMO of course). It is so frustarting to read the keyboard snipers on the BBC website. As a young ish and novice gardener I have found all of Monty’s programmes helpful and often take notes and head into the garden or to a garden centre. Of course you can’t please everyone, watching and old GW on Youtube yesterday, from 96 with Geoff Hamilton, I was aware at how much criticism that show and format would get now. Toby’s problem was mainly the format and the false beleif that we want all our programmes to focus on the youth aspect, even though Toby was hardly a youth at near 40. I do fear that the current series will be the last one before gardening becomes pop fashion and even Alis and Toby will be too old to present.


  24. Posted by Chris King on March 21, 2011 at 20:42

    I have just finished reading Monty’s “Ivington Diaries” so the new Gardeners World is more familiar coming from Monty’s Garden, but why is the book called Ivington and the garden “Long Meadow”, I can find no mention of the latter in his book.
    The programme content is lacking, gardening is hard work, rewarding and fun but this is not conveyed in the programme except when Carol Klein is on. Probably due to the thirty minute dash and being bitty.


  25. Posted by claire thomas on March 22, 2011 at 18:29

    It is lovely to see Monty back, but actually I did like the previous show with Toby, Joe and Alyse….. will we see more of them in the future?


  26. Posted by Betty on March 26, 2011 at 16:15

    Fantastic to have MONTY back & Carol & Joe, made my gardening year the best yet. THANK YOU ALL.


  27. Posted by Jackie Lindsay on March 27, 2011 at 21:16

    I am pleased to see the return of grown up gardenening with Monty Don back at the helm of Gardeners world. I to would also like the program to be 1 hr long. Surely the bbc could afford us this!! As this is the nations favorite pastime. I would also like to see a new programme set up for beginers at Greenacres with Toby and his team. With the amount of our money the bbc had spent on it and telling us that it would be the Gardeners World forever garden. ( I don’t have a short memory!)The programme can be called Gardeners World Extra. I am sure that would kill two birds as they say. I would be very interested in your views. Jackie


  28. Posted by Clare on March 29, 2011 at 07:19

    Having not watched Gardeners World since Toby and Alys took over (no offence guys but I don’t do wishy washy), I switched on last Friday and blow me own it was the delicious Monty back on. My husband thought I had had an accident but I was jumping up and down with Joy!!!!. It is such a shame that it is only a half hour programme. Great content given in a no nonsence way. Thank you BBC for making friday nights good again.


  29. Posted by Andy on April 1, 2011 at 20:22

    I was never a fan of Monty previously and eagerly looked forward to Toby and Co’s new format but ended up hating it. In his own garden Monty seems so much more relaxed and I’m looking forward to seeing his garden bloom. I wish Carol wasn’t as ‘gushy’ in her presentation because she is excellent otherwise, her recent series from Glebe Cottage was tremendous. And I for one am thrilled to see Rachel and our Joe still involved. Welcome back guys!


  30. Posted by Marie Christine McFarlane on April 2, 2011 at 00:49

    It is really interesting to read the generally rather polarised views in the Monty v Toby as presenters of GW debate . Having watched GW avidly since Geoff Hamilton’s era, I am aware how difficult it can be to adjust from one presenter to the next. I think that it is not only to do with the presenters but also to do with the place in which they are gardening. Gardeners in their own gardens , as Geoff and Alan Titmarsh were, seem to me to feel more relaxed and comfortable. Don’t all gardeners get a buzz out of showing people their gardens! Monty was very enthusiastic at Berryfields but now, at Long Meadow, his enthusiasm seems to be combined with a more relaxed approach which I find really uplifting. I agree with the comment that Toby and Alys, who were both very likeable, seemed to be trying too hard. I also endorse the view that the programme needs to be an hour long if it is to do justice to all its elements and to the other presenters, especially Carol Klein who is one of the most infectiously enthusiastic gardeners on TV. Mount Endgecombe was superb but too short as have been all her offerings this series.(unlike my comments -sorry.) M-C


  31. Posted by KarenJane on May 6, 2011 at 21:24

    Has no-one noticed Monty is a fraud – all I have seen so far of his garden is borders which have clearly been given a major overhaul prior to cameras arriving, compost heaps that are brand new (freshly sawn wood visible) plants, borders and shrubs clearly which have been neglected and are seriously overdue for pruning and this week to top it all a garden full of weeds – cow parsley along garden edges, I agree, can be lovely but a garaden full of goosegrass – give me strength how could he let it get that bad. I cannot believe this man calls himelf a gardener of 20 years – last week he pulled out a bit of bindwed root – if he had one root like that his garden will be full of it. His garden is dull, I would have expected the woodland area to have much more interesting planting, he is clearly renovating different areas prior to cameras (probably with BBC licence fee support) the veg beds were also obviously brand new – freshly sawn wood everywhere – certainly not 20 years established. Why could he not be honest about what is obvious to someone like me a hobby gardener and come clean about the clear negelct his garden has suffered and show us the real work that is going on not just the pretty stuff for the show – each area he is working on has clearly been ‘renovated’ and all we see are the few remaining plants with plenty of gaps so he can spend our licence money planting something interesting. He doesn’t fool me, hasn’t taught me anything, he hasn’t got many remotely interesting plants in this “mature” garden. I’m only watching GW now to see what else he’s done and to spot the ‘new’ stuff. Carol’s garden by contrast is totally different – her recent programme showed her renovating an area which needed rejuvenation, her garden is just full of interesting plants and she has created very interesting structure and mosaic of plants – that is clearly missing in Monty’s garden. I loved Toby too, he KNEW about gardening and plants and is sadly missed and a terrible mistake for BBC to dump him.


  32. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the comment. Fraud is a strong accusation to make against someone, especially when your facts are not entirely correct. For example, you mention the new wood around the veg beds, new precisely because that is what they are and Monty said as much in an earlier episode and has written about this it in GW magazine.
    There is much renovation of the garden going on and this was also stated in the very first episode. Given that each show is only half an hour, and this is usually split three ways, I’m not sure how you expect to see everything that is going on? The Jewel Garden is being replanted because it was full of bind weed so everything was removed and the bind weed attacked. Having tried to remove bind weed from a large area myself without resorting to chemical means I know that it is near enough an impossible task so there is always bound to be some left over and some that gets into other areas.
    Again, if you’ve been watching earlier episodes, Monty has stated that he doesn’t always do things when common practice dictates. Perhaps you may call this neglect or maybe it is just allowing oneself to enjoy gardening without allowing the whole thing to become rigid and driven by deadlines. It should be pleasurable after all.
    And as for the plants, there is plenty of interest there, perhaps not to everyone’s liking (I for instance am not big on hedging, though having followed the Italian garden programme I am coming to appreciate it more), but then we each take from it what we find most interesting. Jason.


  33. Posted by Andrew on May 19, 2011 at 20:25

    To update a previous posting – now that the new series has settled in somewhat, I am enjoying Monty’s garden much more – spring helps a lot there! Yes, Monty is more relaxed in his own garden and I am still glad to see him back but still hurting for Toby’s non-renewal of contract. Again – what did he do wrong? Joe and Rachel – although great characters – are not really doing much and Carol gushes in such a strong way that I always make the tea or fast forward if I’m watching on iplayer. In the main I’m still watching and enjoying.


  34. Stumbled across this blog and just wanted to add my two pennyworth, I too am very pleased to see Monty back, Toby and Alys were all very well, but I can’t say they held the attention like Monty does, I was at a gardening centre the other day and there was a debate Alan or Monty, Monty won hands down, feeling that Alan has got a bit ‘posh’ especially in his speech, but I personally still like his progs. Monty is soothing. You could almost expect him to have a hammock strung between two apple trees having a snooze after the show.
    I enjoyed what i’ve read of your blog so far.


  35. Posted by Ali on September 6, 2011 at 01:35

    So, so happy to see Monty back at the helm. Toby is a fine gardener and a fine presenter, but he wouldn’t entice me to stay in on a Friday night. Monty, however, can prune my roses any night of the week he wants. 🙂


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