Some pictures from the weekend

The entire weekend was a wonderful one, sunny and warm, a perfect lead up to the spring equinox.  The picture below shows a portion of the circular bed where on Saturday I added some additional Delphiniums.  On Sunday I added more, plus some different varieties of Oriental Poppy, Salvia and Scabious.  This area now looks full and lush but with plenty of room for the foliage to expand in to. 

Things are starting to look lively!

A large chunk of Sunday was spent constructing the boards for the new raised bed, putting them in place and treating them, and finally digging in about 22 barrow loads of topsoil, very nice stuff which has a had a few years of horse manure and mushroom compost dug into it.  After this I ached…and I’m still aching!

There I am hard at work while the wife takes pictures!

I just thought I’d put in this final picture, not for the pleasantness of the view, but for the glimpse of the beast, a.k.a. Amber, trotting towards me.  No doubt this was followed by barking.  Just behind Amber there is now a very big hole, dug out for the footings of the new garage which should be up in six weeks or so.  This will present an opportunity for some new planting so watch this space!

Here comes the hound!
For those of you lucky enough to get into the garden this week, enjoy it.  I’ll be thinking of you whilst I’m sat in the office and wishing for the weekend!

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  1. Morning Jason, I hope you and you wife are both well.
    I like your raised beds… they look really neat and tidy!! Your planting does indeed look lush in your circular bed, hopefully in a couple of years time some of mine will look as good as that. 🙂
    Did Amber dig the foundations for the new garage?? She looks like she has some pretty big paws to excavate them with 🙂
    Roll on the weekend for some more gardening!!


    • Hi Simon. The wife and I are both good thanks, looking forward to the clocks going forward at the weekend so we get even more time outside! The plants that I’m putting out at the moment are ones that I’ve largely been growing from seed and they’ve had a couple of years moving up in pot sizes until ready to plant out. This gives the illusion of an established garden when really it is all new!


  2. that bed sounds gorgeous..all of my fav flowers…can’t wait to see pics…and the veg beds…wow…you are quite the craftsman. 🙂


  3. The raised bed looks perfect, I’m a great advocat for raised beds for vegetables. Mine are actually not all that raised as I want to conserve water rather than increase free-draining soil. A bed system makes everything seem easier and simpler. Hope the weekend stays good for you. Christina


    • Hi Christina, we needed the beds in this part of the garden as the ground can get very saturated very quickly so we wanted to ensure that what is being grown isn’t going to drown! Jason.


  4. Hi Jason

    All looking good Jason. A good, hard day’s graft.

    If you’ve got any spare plants bear me in mind. They look smashing.



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