Still gardening!

Despite my lack of recent posts, I’ve been very busy in the garden (the reason why there have been so few posts!).  There has been a great deal of planting out, pricking out of seedlings (of which there seem to be thousands and no where to put them!), constructing frames for Sweet Peas, Clematis and Roses, sowing more seed, preparing beds, removing Ground Elder (masses of the stuff had built up in one bed and I decided it was time to lift all the plants and get it all out, though I have my suspicions that despite much labour some will be left deep down in the soil, ready to grow back), and a whole mass of general tidying and odd jobs.

The warm weather has given everything a real boost, though we’re already having to resort to watering cans and hose as there has been little in the way of sustained and penetrating rainfall.

Before too long there should be flowers to show you, but for now here are a few pictures of the garden and how it is growing:

Apple trees running up to the shed

A view of the Circle bed

Damson trees in blossom

Bumblebee in the Comfrey


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  1. Lovely espalier apple trees! Must be in full blossom now. I now what you mean with there being no room to put all of one’s seedlings. Am forever jigging around pots and trays to try to cram them all in…. Can’t wait to get some of them out there… !


    • Hi Petra, the blossom is just starting to emerge on the apple trees and looks lovely when it’s out in full; unfortunately the apples are never that brilliant so most are used in chutney rather than eaten straight from the tree. It will be great to be able to plant everything out but we still need that bit more patience yet! Jason.


  2. Posted by Lula ( on April 14, 2011 at 17:42

    Lovely images of a place to enjoy the spring, how lucky!


  3. Your garden looks lovely, I look forward to seeing and reading more.


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