Rain and colour

Today we witnessed a rare thing: rain. Over the past few weeks there has been little, if any rain to speak of and this morning started warm and only became warmer as the day progressed. Around early afternoon the storm clouds gathered, there were a few mighty crashes of thunder and then the heavens opened, if not for very long. The rain was very welcome and invigorated the colours in the garden, but one wonders whether this was merely a blip in the current pattern of warm, dry weather or if further rain will punctuate the heat and dryness in the days and weeks to come?

The unseasonably warm weather has brought things on; the Wisteria has flowered a couple of weeks earlier than is usual and there are plenty of plants either flowering or well in bud.

Wisteria runs across the front of the house


One of my favourites, the Alliums are looking especially good at the moment, providing some nice colour, shape and texture and sitting nicely with the Campion flowers:

Alliums sitting above other herbaceous perennials

Campion compliments the Alliums


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  1. Lucky you! No rain in our part of North Oxfordshire, but the clouds have moved in and the temperature has dropped dramatically…. For our garden, I do hope we get some rain too!!


  2. Can’t believe you’ve had rain – I’m so jealous. Just a few miles from you down here on the coast and it’s been a scorcher all day. We’ve had no rain at all for weeks now. Had a barbecue for friends today and they all looked at me a little oddly when I moaned about the lack of rain! Tsk. Non-gardeners you see.

    It pains me that your alliums are already out. I owe you a pint. Or a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake at Sissinghurst one day!



    • Wierd that you didn’t have any given that your only down the road. Maybe you’ll get some later this week as it does seem to be getting a little cloudier. And yes, non-gardeners don’t understand our passion for rain and I suppose they never will!

      Tea and cake sounds good. How far on are your Alliums then?


  3. Its all looking beautiful. We had gentle rain, a soft day as the Irish put it; usually here when it rains it is a downpour that damages everything – today was perfect. So interesting that your Alliums are flowering already, mine are barely open but my wisteria is nearly over. Fascinating. Christina


    • Hi Christina,
      Not sure why the Alliums are already out but I’m not complaining. It is interesting to register the local differences; our Wysteria is probably about half way through its show of flowers but yours must have flowered particulary early. Jason.


  4. I love the wisteria, its huge, we had one but we killed it somehow, the stem had rotted off…I watered all my plants last night and literally when I’d put everything away it poured down!


    • Hi Anthony,
      That’s often the way, you spend an age watering only for the heavens to open. Still, given the recent weather I think the plants can do with all the water they can get! Jason.


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