Coming up roses

Roses are flowering everywhere in the garden at the moment; the various scents drifting around to surprise and delight, especially in the breezy weather we’re experiencing at the moment.  I’m afraid I can’t share those wonderful fragrances with you but I can manage one or two pictures:
Geoff Hamilton by David Austin (this is one I grew from a cutting and is now about 3 years old)

Another unknown rose in the front garden, wonderful scent and big flowers


Charles Rennie Mackintosh from David Austin

Another David Austin but I can’t recall the name
But it’s not just about the roses, there are plenty of other things happening in the garden: 

The wife weeding one of her many cut flower beds


New staging area for the many plants and seedlings that we have


Allium christophii, the last of the various Allium varieties to flower in the garden.

And tomorrow evening I will be visiting the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time; I might just take a peek at David Austin stand.





3 responses to this post.

  1. Love your staging area! You look very organized. The roses are beautiful!


    • Hi Sheila, thanks for the comments. The staging is really useful and makes organzing and watering much easier than when everything was just lying on the floor. Still requires masses of watering at the moment though due to the lack of rain. Glad you like the roses, I never tire of them.


  2. Lucky you, visiting Chelsea; I decided not to go this this and now am wishing I was there, although really there’s so much to do here at the moment I’m not sure how I would manage. Do post about your impressions. For those of us not able to go and for me not able to even see all the media coverage it’s great to hear personal impressions. Christina


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