Horticultural Cats

Well OK, they’re not just yet as they’re only 5 weeks old and are therefore not allowed outside, but I have no doubt that once they are able to they’ll be sunning themselves in the long grass, chasing butterflies, and rolling around in the cat mint!

Everyone meet Clover and Daisy (rescued from the backyard of a local butcher only this morning and spending their first ever night indoors in a very snuggly bed):

New additions to the family, Daisy (front) and Clover


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  1. Oh how CUTE!!! Lucky Daisy & Clover to have been resued by you 🙂


    • Cute and getting even more so Christine! They are a definite distraction from things that I should be doing whether in the garden or in the house. Atleast I don’t have to worry too much about watering at the moment though as the rain has returned with avengance so yesterday I had no choice but to be indoors and spend quality time with Clover and Daisy!!


  2. Oh cute – seriously cut, love their names too


    • They certainly are; they’re proving to be very adventurous and much time is spent playing with them or watching them play together. The memory card on the camera if rapidly filling up with photos and video.


  3. Posted by Ben Zuddhist on June 23, 2011 at 20:00

    Aw bless their little furry socks! 🙂


  4. And bless your heart for taking them in. Brown tabbies are close to my heart as I have one of their brethren here!

    You have a lovely blog.


    • I popped over to your blog and saw Hudson, a lovely looking chap. Our too are doing well and they have some beautiful markings. Great to see the cottage garden style thriving over in Canada!



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