Bargain plants and propagation

I was in the local garden centre at the weekend and wandered over to the clearance section as I often do.  There I spotted a number of Veronica ‘Inspire Blue’; they were good bushy plants with lots of green foliage, blue spires and plenty of evidence of new growth.  But there was no price on them other than the original price of £7.99.

In the distance I spotted a member of staff so took a plant over to him and asked what the discount was meant to be.  He gave me a quizzical look and then pronounced that as he was adding a 75% discount to some other things then he’d do the same for the Veronica; so I took three plants at a total cost of just £6.

The story doesn’t end there, however.  On getting my new purchases home and giving them a good drink I decided that three plants wasn’t enough, so I set about dividing them.  I now have twelve plants each in two litre pots which I will bring on and plant out next year (much to my wife’s delight as she can use the flowers in her small jam jar arrangements).  So, to conclude, that is twelve plants at 50p each.  I do love a bargain!

Veronic 'Inspire Blue' - 12 plants from 3 at just 50p each!


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  1. What a coincidence – I have just done a blog including Veronica ‘Inspire Blue’ I paid less than a fiver for mine – if only I had thought to split it before I planted it. I have had trouble with this plant before not reappearing after the winter. Hope I’m more successful with this one. Thanks for faving me on Blotanical by the way.


    • Hi Elaine,

      Must be the time of year that has meant we’ve bought the same thing! I couldn’t resist the blue and green bushiness of them. I’ve not grown this particular variety before but other varieties have fared well over winter so hopefully these will. I do like to cover over with a mulch in the late autumn to protect herbaceous perennials against the worst of the winter weather which I think helps.



  2. Even at ‘normal’ prices it is often better to buy a slightly larger pot and be able to divide into 2 or three plants than buy smaller pots. Well done on your bargain! Christina


    • Hi Christina,

      I know what you mean, I’ve given up on small pots, i’d rather grown from seed or propagate some other way as plants in small pots never seem to do so well, probably something to with the way are forced to get them flowering earlier for the garden centres. Big pots at bargain prices are definitely the way forward!


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