Natural Splendour # 1

This will be a series of single shots of flowers and/or foliages from the garden that I find particularly delightful.  First up, Sunflower ‘Giant Russian’:

Sunflower 'Giant Russian'


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  1. Very nIce, Jason. I do like a sunflower! Who doesn’t? Is that in flower now? It’s very early isn’t it?

    And I really like your new layout – very smart indeed.



    • HI Dave,

      Yup, that particular variety is in flower now but all of the others are still forming. It is one that I planted in the veg area of the garden and, as with so many things I plant, Katherine has been eyying them up. I told her to keep her hands off and wait for the ones she’s growing to come into flower but not sure whether she will. Glad you like the layout, Katherine thought it was too green and plain, not ‘inspirational’ enough apparently, though I wasn’t aware I was in the business of inspiring!!



  2. Sunshine on paper, beautiful


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