Where once there was only mud

Back in March I wrote a post in which I had included an image of an area of patio from where I had lifted the paving and was preparing the ground to be a new bed.  The image you’ll see is probably a familiar one: an area of earth bare of anything but full of potential.

The scene now is rather different.  The bed looks better then I had hoped and the plants seemed to have established themselves pretty well.  With the help of a few annuals to fill in the gaps the whole area is looking good and is full of some wonderful fragrances.

Fuller view of the bed

Salvia, white Valerian, Allium 'Christophii'

Cosmos and Salvia


2 responses to this post.

  1. What a great feeling it is when a plan comes together or when a border becomes the way you imagined it when you planted it, especially if it does it sooner than you hoped!
    When did yous sow the Cosmos to have flowers already?


    • Let me just check the journal…the Cosmos was sown on the 12th March and has the delightful name Double Click Snow Puff!. I think that the warm weather we’ve had, pretty much from March onwards, has resulted in things flowering a bit earlier than usual. And yes, it’s great to see the bed looking good!


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