Building for the future

I write this post with just a little feeling of contentment and pride as I have almost completed my best bit of woodwork to date:

The Beehive, nearing completion

No, it is not the surrounding garage/studio building but the smaller (yet not insignifcant) structure that has become known as ‘The Beehive.’ All that is left to do is to fit the remainder of the back section and a lower shelf.

I have built it for my wife, Katherine, so that she can display her bouquets and other arragements by the side of the road without having to worry about the detrimental impact of wind and rain. She’ll just be popping a few items in here as it is meant to entice people in with the intention that they will then  come upto the studio and see what else is on offer, including various plants such as Nicotiana Affinis, Lemon Verbena, Cosmos ‘Chocomocha’, Pelargonium ‘Attar of Roses’, various Lavendars and other scented plants.

The great thing about ‘The Beehive’ is that it was built using oak left over from the construction of the garage/studio, so apart from having to buy a few extra nails it has cost nothing apart from time and a blister.

Now I’ve got the building bug who knows what may be next!


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  1. Who’s a clever boy then!


  2. Fancy a trip to Italy to build things for me? Christina


    • A trip to Italy would be lovely Christina, but when would I have time to fit it in???? I’d have to hire a gardener!!!!!!


  3. Posted by patientgardener on June 26, 2011 at 16:09

    Its lovely. I thought at first you had built a real beehive which seemed very ambitious but this is gorgeous and the sort of thing my son, a cabinet maker in the making, would be proud of. I bet your wife is thrilled and dont be surprised if you get enquiries from passer bys about carpentry services!!


    • Hi Helen,

      Katherine was extremely pleased with it so definitely worth the effort. I’d certainly be pleased if it generated some interested. It would be good to get out of the London commute; I’m hoping that completing the RHS course will be a step towards doing that. You’ll have to post some inages of your son’s work, I always like to see a good piece of woodwork.



  4. Sigh….I wish my OH was as productive. That looks great.


  5. Very impressive, I hope it helps your wife to sell more goods and entices them to your studio.


  6. Hi Jason,

    That is some mighty fine handywork there!! Don’t you just love working with hardwoods rather than the more usual planed pine that people tend to go with!! You will surely attract a throng of people every time you put it out on the road. Well done indeed! 🙂
    I need to catch up on your blog in the next couple of days and i am looking forward to some great posts!



    • Hi Simon,

      It was good working with the oak and it does give you a bit of a taste for it; I can feel some winter projects coming on! Need to catch up with your blog too; I’ve popped over a couple of times but the demands of the garden have stopped me getting around everyone’s blogs as much as I would have liked in recent weeks. Hope all is going well.



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