Natural Splendour #3

Rose Mallow - Lavatera trimestris (Malvaceae)


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  1. I have never seen a lilac coloured one before – beautiful.


    • Hi Elaine, The camera may have distorted the colour a little as it is probably nearer cream with just a hint of the lilac. It is lovely though and I am glad it chose to self sow in my garden!


  2. Is it really that beautiful delicate but pure colour? Christina


    • It is pretty much as you see it Christina. I do think the camera may have distorted the colour a little but it is not by much so what you see is practically what I see in the flesh. It is lovely isn’t it? Wonderful shape too. Jason.


  3. Stunning flower! Will look into them. Very beautiful. Easy to grow?


    • I’ll be honest Petra and admit that I’ve no idea how easy it is to grow as it self sown and we’ve never had it in the garden before! I will be collecting seeds though and trying to grow more for next year so then I’ll be able to let you know. Jason.


  4. Jason,

    You have some brilliant photo’s on your blog now!!
    I love that mallow flower. I have some of the more common Lavatera plants in the garden here, but that is an exceptionally fine bloom!


    • Thanks Simon, I do try! I think I will try and collect the seed later in the autumn as it would be nice to have more dotted about the place. Jason.


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