A snapshot of autumn

Despite the temperature loitering languidly in the low to mid 20s, there was, this weekend past, a definite feeling of autumn in the air: leaves lay scattered about the lawn to be occasionally blown up and tossed around by the breeze; seed heads, at various stages of decay, abound where not so long ago there was a mass of colour and vibrancy; on recent walks we have harvested sloes, wild plums, damsons, crab apples and rosehips, and now have a gleaming horde of jellies, jams and gin to be enjoyed in the depths of winter when the branches and boughs are bare; and I’ve start to notice the log pile again and look forward to evenings spent in the glow of the fire with the aforementioned drink in hand!


From time-to-time I peep at the various cuttings that I have taken over recent weeks, hoping that what I will see are strong little plants starting to show signs of growth. With some this is the case, but sadly with others there is nothing more than a withered stem and I am left to rue that fact that I have not more plants from which to take cuttings before the first frosts arrive.


Darkness begins to envelop my mornings now; no longer do I wake to light trying to force its way around the gap between the curtain and the window frame, but instead I wander blindly across the bedroom floor, hoping that I don’t bump into things and make a noise that might wake my wife.  This is not such a gloomy scenario as it sounds as these mornings carry a delightful freshness that revives the soul and cleanses the body.


So there you have it, my autumn so far in brief. What about yours?


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  1. I know just what you mean about the dark mornings and the evening being shorter is sad too. Here the middle of the day is still quite hot, around 27 – 28°C. It’s very good of you to leave your wife asleep when you get up! Christina


    • Hi Christina, we may be experiencing temperatures upto 27 here over the next few days which is more than a little odd if you ask me!


  2. I’m really depressed now….! Have not been able to come to terms with autumn arriving so soon. Am still hoping for that one last Indian Summer….


    • Don’t be depressed Petra, there is much to enjoy in autumn and even to look forward to in winter; it’s just the turning of the wheel. As Dave says, the Indian Summer is happening this week!


  3. It is an amazing year for wild fruit. Not sure I’ll get round to making my usual annual supply of Sloe Gin, Jason, but we have got in a goodly store of damson jam. And don’t be depressed, Petra – it’s a fine time of year! And the Indian Summer is here – NOW!!


    • Ooooh, I do like a spot of Damson jam, or any jam for that matter. There’s still time to get the sloe gin done in time for Christmas though if you’re quick!


  4. Where’s the snapshot?


  5. I’m loving this weather and this time of year. The light is so beautiful anyway but with this amount of sunshine its superb. I often feel a bit melancholic at this time of year knowing that the long nights and winter isn’t far away but this weather is just what I needed. Long may it continue.


    • The long nights will soon turn though as the shortest day is just before Christmas – not far off now – and then the year turns again and the days start to get gradually longer!!


  6. Autumn is my favourite time of year, I love the riot of colour before eveything turns bleak. A time to reflect and appreciate the beauty around us.


    • Hi Karen,

      I totally agree, autumn is a wonderful time of year; as you say, the colours are glorious and the misty mornings are enchanting. Being able to pull out the big wooly jumpers, coats and scarves is something I look forward to every year!



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