Lovely leaves

There’s nothing quite like the colour of Autumn leaves but better than this is the great pile of them now gathered to hopefully make a fine mulch next winter or Spring 2013.


Leaf pile


In the meantime I have no leaf mulch of my own so will be popping into the woods across the road, clearing back the leaves from around the old oaks, and digging out some of the leaf mulch that has been gathering there, untouched, for many a year.  This will be dug into the vegetable beds and used for mulching the borders; hopefully the results will be plenty of vigorous growth throughout next year.


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  1. Great pile of leaves will come in very useful I am only able to collect a sackful from my garden – and the wind we have had over the last few days has dispersed them, so someone else will benefit.


    • It is good to try and gather it together when you can but the wind can be a pain, especially when it blows apart a pile you’ve just made!!


  2. So whose leaves are these Jason? Have you been coveting your neighbour’s leaf pile?


    • These are my very own leaves Dave, not stolen from the neighbour on a midnight raid but raked up off the lawn and lovingly heaped up!


  3. hi Jason, you should be careful about taking leaves from the woods; I know that you can be prosecuted in the same way as if you picked wild flowers there. i do agree, though, that leaves make the very best mulch and eventually compost. Christina


    • Hi Christina, thanks for the warning; gathering from the forest is something both my father and grandfather have done before me and without a problem. I am aware that wildflowers are to be left alone but a quick look on google doesn’t say anything about leaf mulch so for now I’ll press on but will keep one eye over my shoulder just incase!


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