Christmas wreaths

So where have I been these past few weeks I hear you ask? There certainly have been few blog posts to keep you entertained so I must be up to something; what could it be?

The Studio, where Christmas magic occurs

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that my wife is a florist (Florist in the Forest); now ordinarily I have nothing to do with her work other than building her raised beds, constructing elaborate dahlia support structures, pruning the roses, planting, weeding, propagating … not a great deal really.  But at this time of year I like to offer a little extra help where I may and it so happens that I am a dab hand at making Christmas wreaths, even if I do say so myself.

A chillie and cinnamon wreath

The wreath making season begins in earnest at the very start of December and doesn’t really stop until Christmas Eve when we both collapse in an exhausted heap, more than ready for a well deserved break!  If we could we would sleep for a week but then we’d miss out on Christmas dinner, seasonal tipples, and the Doctor Who Cristmas Special!!

A dried whole oranges wreath

When I started making wreaths a few years ago I used to get frustrated at what I felt was my lack of creative ability; now, however, I have no such frustration and enjoy the whole creative process and making each wreath unique and special.

Dried orange slices, holly berries, and cinnamon

I pay tribute to my wife because she works extremely hard and at Christmas I get a little taste of how hard she works the whole year round.


8 responses to this post.

  1. At Christmas, I couldn’t do it without you! xx Now to get you trained up for wedding flowers 😉 xx


  2. You are indeed a Master Wreath Maker. Is there a guild you can join? And that Studio! Wow, how Christmassy is that? I can imagine Bing, wrapped in red and white, ambling out and crooning.


    • Wow, high praise indeed; not sure I am a Master just yet but I have recently moved up a level; I am now also producing table displays, previously something of a shadowy art but one of which I now know the secrets! Bing isn’t around in person but he and the Ratpack do drift out from the Studio via the stereo to get us in the mood.


  3. Your wreaths are lovely, I wish I were as good or that you were close to where I live and I could buy one from you. You have made me feel more Christmassy. Christina


  4. They are a work of art, lovely. Merry Christmas to both of you.


  5. Great wreaths. Do you dry the fruit yourself or buy it already dried?


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