Islamic tiles in the Alhambra, Granada

This post forms the second part of the series relating to the Alhambra, Granada, displaying photographs taken by my wife and I during our holidsy there last September; this time we look at Islamic tiles, giving examples of the vibrant tilework that adorns many parts of the the palace complex:

Islamic tiles with inscription above

Stunning, fluid design

Bold colour in this strong design

So which one is the Circle Line then?

Incredible intricacy and precision

Another example of the intricacy and precision achieved in the tilework

Tilework sitting below equally detailed carving

Hypnotic pattern

I find these tiles truly amazing; the quality of the craftsmanship is mind-boggling and can only be aspired to in any work of art or design.  As a gardener I find the geometrical patterns a source of inspiration from a design and layout perspective, as too are the bold colours used throughout.


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  1. I’ve never been to that part of Spain although it is somewhere on my list of places to visit. I love Islamic artwork and those tiles are beautiful. We visited the Victoria and Albert Museum over the Christmas period and they had some amazing tiles from Persia.


    • I’ve seen the items in the V & A too; I think it was seeing those that first piqued my interest in Islamic art and architecture. If you can get to the Alhambra it is worth the trip!


  2. They sure have some pretty insane patterns alright, quite beautiful though. One can only imagine the patterns the crafts people laying these tiles day in day out were seeing when day went to bed at night.


  3. Stunning aren’t they? I remember them clearly from our visit about 9 years ago. I very much like the idea of them as an inspiration for gardening design. Certainly numbers 5 and 6.



    • They’re fantastic! we tried to find some to buy while we were over there but the modern equivalents are just so inferior that we didn’t bother. They certainly would make for some interesting design plans, the symmetry is very appealing.


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