New tools … new start?

Now I’m not one for shopping in the sales; past experience has taught me that most of what is on offer is trash and that trying to shop in the sales is to witness human beings very possibly at their worst.  The internet, however, has changed all this and I can now find bargains whilst sitting in the comfort of my own home, looking specifically for what I want rather than through what is piled on tables and racks.

And what did I want? Tools of course! I’ve been after decent hedge shears and lopers for some time and after doing a bit of research decided on some made by Bahco.  Next was to find what I wanted at the right price.  Having looked at a few websites the best price I could get was through My Tool Shed, not a site that I’ve come across before but one that I’ll be using again I’m sure.

New tools ... new start?

And what is the new start I here you ask?  The book might give the game away, Paul Power’s ‘Start & Run a Gardening Business,’ one that I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of setting up for themselves.  I’m not yet up and running, still doing the research and planning to make sure that I start on a sound footing.

The reason for the intended move is twofold: firstly I have felt for sometime that my current career isn’t really going anywhere and that I’d like to be my own boss and to work doing something that I truly enjoy, namely gardening, and work outdoors rather than at a desk; the second thing that has encouraged me is the recent hike in the rail season ticket to London (now just short of £4,000, about 18% of my salary) coupled with a 5% pay decrease that I had to take last year.

Commuting to London to sit at a desk doing something that isn’t really going anywhere becomes senseless.  And so, readers, ‘Crafting Your Garden’ is born (the observant amongst you will have noticed the spin on my surname!) and hopefully in the coming few months we will have lift off, assuming that I don’t lose my nerve or that I’m not talked out of it.   Watch this space.


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  1. Good luck with this venture like the name


  2. Yay!!!

    Good going, Jason and I’m very, very pleased to hear you’re going for it. I know you haven’t been happy in your work and had been thinking of doing this. Well done for taking the plunge (don’t lose your nerve!). As I’m sure I’ve bored you with enough times moving into self employed gardening was easily the best career move I ever made. Do email me if you want any advice – I’ll certainly help if I can.




    • Cheers Dave, I knew I could count on you for enthusiasm and encouragement. And you may live to regret offering advice; there could be a few emails coming your way in the not too distant future.


  3. Posted by Karen on January 17, 2012 at 22:00

    Jason, best of luck for your new career! How very exciting to be venturing into something you clearly love. I’m sure you will do well and the name is very catchy too.

    When you have time, pop over and collect an award I’ve left for you. Take care 🙂


    • Hi Karen,

      Thanks for the good wishes; it is VERY EXCITING, though also nerve wracking but that is to be expected. Just keeping my fingers crossed at the moment that the adverts I’ve put up this week will generate some interest; think I’ll have to give it a few weeks mind you. And an award too! that just tops it all off nicely 🙂



  4. Good luck with the plans for change. I can completely understand how you feel. We have a friend living in London at the moment and we visited her at Christmas. Her rent on a tiny flat is extortionate, but travelling in would be equally expensive and time consuming and then just being in London is so expensive. What with parking permits, oyster cards etc. She’s not that happy in her job either. Do you know about the HBGBS placements. You can get a years paid placement at a garden. It might be worth looking at. Best wishes Wellywoman.


    • Thanks WW. I think that living in the city and being in a job you don’t enjoy is not a good combo as there is nothing to really escape to; I hope things improve for your friend. Haven’t heard of the HBGBS placement that you mention. To be honest part of my move is also about being self-employed rather than an employee; I am going to be working at a local nursery 2-3 days a week to improve my knowledge and I also intend to do the odd course once I have finished the RHS Cert. in Hort. that I am studying for. Thanks for mentioning this though. Jason.


  5. Posted by Mum on February 6, 2012 at 16:15

    Positive thinking Jason, we are sure you can make a success of it, hard work but you’re not afraid of that.

    If you’re going to do it now is the time, out of the rat race. Good luck to you and Katherine xxx


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