March, the month of so much

The garden is alive with activity: on the warmer days bees are out in force looking for early nectar, bumping into me as they go; seeds are being sown at a frenetic pace ; a new border has been made on the edge of the drive using topsoil, garden compost and mushroom compost (that has been sitting around since last autumn), planted up and mulched with bark chippings; the first autumn sown sweet peas have been planted out as they were outgrowing the root trainers and starting to get rather unruly; pruning of Cornus, Buddjela, Hydrangea, grasses etc. has all finally been completed … the list of jobs that need to be done seems to grow far more quickly than I actually get things done!

On top of all of this life is taking a new and exciting turn; I am now working a couple of days week at Perryhill Nurseries in Hartfield, East Sussex.  Despite having only done this for a few weeks so far I am learning a great deal about plants that I think it would be difficult to pick up just from reading books and pottering about in my own garden and the garden of clients …. yes indeed, clients! I am now fully set up as a gardener (a.k.a Crafting Your Garden) and enjoying the challenges that this raises.  Today I spent 4 hours pruning a mass of Cornus and the list of things to be getting on with week-by-week grows with each visit.

Gardening for others is quite different to gardening for oneself; all those little shortcuts that you might take in your own garden you certainly don’t do in a client’s garden, everything must be completed to the highest standard.  I also think that it takes time to become completely comfortable both with the client and with their garden; it is necessary to watch and to learn how the client interacts with their garden, which parts and plants they most value, and to try and understand what their garden means to them.

So there we have it, short and sweet as I think most posts will have to be from now on as the season gets into full swing. Happy gardening to all!


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  1. How lovely to have spent some time working at Perryhill Nurseries! Love their plants and can imagine that one can learn so much about plants! Very exciting plans as to your client portfolio……! Do keep us posted on that.


    • It’s a fantastic nursery and I am in awe of everyone else who works there, they have SO much knowledge! Hopefully I’ll pick up a little of that knowledge myself. Hopefully some of my clients will let me use photos of their gardens, much like Dave does, to show what I’ve been upto.


  2. Best of luck with it all, Jason. I too like Perryhill and while I don’t know what they’re like to work for, they’ve got to be better than the garden centre I worked for! I’ve made a note that when working in a client’s garden – “everything must be completed to the highest standard.” Wish I’d known that sooner! Dave


    • I have no doubt that you are the consummate professional Mr M and that your standards are of the highest in the industry! Thanks for the luck, will be needing it no doubt.


  3. Posted by patientgardener on March 23, 2012 at 20:12

    It is good to hear that your gardening career is coming on – sounds very well rounded to me. Being paid to learn and paid to do.


    • Being paid to learn is certainly good and hopefully it will mean that I can offer more to clients as my knowledge grows. Early days yet but all very exciting.


  4. Whoever your clients are they are very lucky! Most ‘so called’ gardeners know nothing and jsut seem to want to use a hedge trimmer on everything. I hope it all works out well for you and you. The list of to do’s is always much longer than the time it takes to do them. Christina


    • You are too kind Christina! Hopefully one day in the very distant future I may be able to consider myself a plantsman of some sort as I don’t see much point in gardening if you’ve no knowledge of plants and horticultural science. Hopefully things will work out, small steps to begin with!


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