Compost, lovely compost

Oh yes, compost is a divine thing, crumbly, dark, woodland scented, truly a wondrous thing.  I have been using it to mulch the beds, particularly on new planting and it is certainly doing a good job at keeping down the weeds and keeping in the moisture.  It will also be slowly pulled down into the earth over the coming year improving the structure.

Not content with 3 compost bays I decided it was time for a few additions to the composting area of the garden; I’ve therefore added an extra bay so that there are now 4 for composting garden and kitchen waste.  I’ve also added a proper structure for the leaf mould as it has just been a pile in the corner whereas now it is all neatly packed into a large chicken wire cylinder where it can happily do its thing.  I intend to add another two of these and have the leaf mould on a three year cycle; I am even tempted to pop into the woods with a wheelbarrow and bring back some additional oak leaves from last autumn’s fall … but perhaps this is getting a little obsessive?!?!

Having spent a number of hours turning the 3 exisitng heaps with an orinary garden fork I decided that a new tool was required to make the job a bit easier and so I’m eagerly awaiting a new compost fork with larger tines than the average fork for effective turning.  Should be delivered by the weekend so more turning will be done and I will doubtless be left exhausted but satisfied!


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  1. Hi Jason, I have a four tined, long handled pitchfork which is perfect for the job. It was at the Priory when I started and is one of my favourite tools. Some people might look at you a little oddly re your compost ‘obsession’ but not I! Sometimes I just walk out to the compost bins just to ‘check’ on them i.e. look at them. D


    • A man after my own heart; it’s nice to know that there are other quirky, compost obsessed folk out there too! And I too like to ‘check’ on the compost and make sure all is well, it is hugely satisfying. I like the sound of your olde pitchfork, mine arrived yesterday (superfast delivery) and I’m really quite impressed with it and looking forward to a good turning sessions this weekend!


  2. Posted by patientgardener on April 25, 2012 at 20:28

    You and Dave are putting my compost making attempts to same. I work on the neglect the pile for 6/12 months and then turn it, then ignore again


    • Well Helen, we can’t all be mad compost obsessives, what a strange world that would be! I’m sure your compost is doing fine though, I read plenty of articles in which people get perfectly fine compost by just leaving it alone but personally I like to get in amongst it and watch it change from sloppy mess to crumbly gold!


  3. Making my own compost and mulch has probably changed my garden more than any other thing I’ve done. We shred most things first which speeds up the process. I have to water it quite a bit in summer, but its worth it. Christina


    • Hi Christina, I should shred too but never get round to it, instead I just cut things up a bit with secateurs which seems to do the job for most things with the exception of the really woody stuff. Compost certainly does change the nature of the soil if done consistently over years.


  4. Just stumbled upon your blog today and was thrilled to read about composting. I used to compost like crazy. I had friends collect all their scraps and I would check with neighbours and collect their leaves and was so glad to read your post. I have to confess I was not that regular about turning my compost but it did really well and my little garden was so happy. I have no place to compost where I live currently and yes I do miss it!.


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