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The Holy Grail of hand tools – but at what cost?

Those of you who watch Gardeners’ World will no doubt have noticed the rather smart double tine rake that Monty uses from time-to-time to work the soil.  When it made its first appearance Monty mentioned (I paraphrase a little here) that if you could get hold of one it was well worth doing so as it was a damn fine piece of kit.

I did look at it  admiringly and probably gave a manly grunt in appreciation of such a fine tool, but that was that.  Until recently that is when I was asked by my sister what I would like for Christmas (so very organised she is) and my first thought was for that fine rake.  Easy-peasy thinks I, job done, I’ll just look it up online and see where one can get hold of it.

And that is where the trouble began; it took me an age to find it, trying all sorts of descriptive phrases in google search, scouring web forums and then eventually I came across a link for the Broad Galvanized Steel Hand Harrow (nice name) and low and behold there it was before me, gleaming and glinting and beckoning … until I saw the price, a whopping £81.40 (and that is without the handle!!).

Now I love a new tool as much as the next man, especially when it looks like it would make a real difference, but that is stretching it, even though it comes with the Monty Don seal of approval.  So perhaps the  Hand Harrow is not a suitable stocking filler (at any rate, it would require quite a big stocking)? I may have to take the plunge and fork out (nice tool related pun methinks) on one myself, though I daren’t tell the wife how much it costs … bugger, she’s probably read this!

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