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Daisy and Clover, the latest

Now I know this is a gardening related blog but when you have kittens as cute as these two then pictures have to be posted (something which I will be doing for a few months at least as they grow!):

Clover and Daisy on their platform

Watching the string

Clover atop the scratching post


Horticultural Cats

Well OK, they’re not just yet as they’re only 5 weeks old and are therefore not allowed outside, but I have no doubt that once they are able to they’ll be sunning themselves in the long grass, chasing butterflies, and rolling around in the cat mint!

Everyone meet Clover and Daisy (rescued from the backyard of a local butcher only this morning and spending their first ever night indoors in a very snuggly bed):

New additions to the family, Daisy (front) and Clover

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