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Survival of the fittest

Having a few different varieties of Salvia in the garden, and not entirely confident that they will be hardy enough to see through the winter should it be similar to the last, I have taken cuttings from all of them in the hope that should the parent plant succumb to an ill wind, I will at least (I hope, reaching for wood to touch as I write) have plenty of small plants to bring on and plant out next year.

So here are the little ones, potted in a mixture of quite fibrous compost with plenty of perlite and topped off with potting grit to help keep the moisture in:

Saliva and Eupatorium maculatum cuttings

I also came across some Eupatorium maculatum ‘Purple Bush’ at a local nursery that were on sale so I had to buy a couple (according to the label they were from Piet Oudolf’s nursery).  They are fine looking plants already so I am hoping that by getting them settled in the ground now they will perform well next year.  I also decided that it wouldn’t hurt to take a few cuttings from these in the hope that I can dot them elsewhere in the garden.

A really lovely colour flower but the photo doesn't do it justice

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